Eau Vive 2019
Published on May 18 2019

A first Waterquizz during the Course de l'Eau vive

In order to raise awareness on the urgent issues of climate change, chemical pollution or plastic waste, Watertrek has recently launched on the creation of an on-site game to be used at events such as paddle races. The Waterquizz combines questions challenging our environmental knowledge and physical challenges in a fun, open-minded way, allowing both children and adults to join the same team.

The association was able to proof test this game during the Rencontres de l'Eau Vive in Joinville-le-Point these past 18 and 19 May, thanks to the warm welcome of its organizer Jean-Baptiste de Gandt and the amazing work of our volunteer Emmanuelle Trouslard.

During this paddle race part of the Coupe de France, athletes and their families were able to compete around an interactive world map, and put words and numbers behind notions that are often still difficult to grasp. The pouring rain did not disheartenthe fifteen participants, whom we warmly thank for their response and participation in this first game.

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