Watertrek produces documentary and fiction films, and edits the video documentation of its eco-adventures. This content is available to anyone interested in hosting a film-discussion session on a particular theme, led by by our volunteer members. Each film is accompanied by a thematic organigram tailored to your interests.

Film-discussion session of about 2 hours, designed for a public of all ages, in schools, companies, and cultural institutions. Pricing upon request:
Plastic-collection expedition in Belgium – 17 minute documentary on macro-plastic pollution in rivers, and Watertrek’s mission
In 2022, 5 paddlers undertook a long-distance expedition across the Belgian Flanders. They reached the ocean at Nieuwpoort after having collected more than 100kg of trash per day along 4 distinct rivers.
This expedition was also an opportunity to create a giant 50 meter-long snake made of 400 plastic bottles, dragged along the water’s surface behind the paddlers as a symbol of the toxins that pollute our waters. Detox represents the kind of expedition that Watertrek has been organizing since its creation, and reminds us of the link between land waste and ocean pollution.
Women & Climate : Eunice Newton Foote, forgotten climatologist – 7-minute short fiction film
L’Exposée is a short fiction film based on the life of Eunice Newton Foote, the American scientist who discovered the greenhouse effect in 1856. The film points to the link between respect for Nature and respect for women, questions their invisibility on the subject of climate, and proposes a return to a certain fluidity in our societies in order to reconnect to and protect Nature.
Watertrek offers the opportunity to discuss the scientific and artistic approaches that could motivate contemporary societies to action, led by Severine Vasselin, actress and artist, and co-founder of Watertrek, as well as Stéphane Costa (upon request), research scientist and member of the GIEC of Normandy.
Oceans & Climate – 3-minute short animation
This short animation reminds us of the important role the ocean plays as a carbon sponge, and specifically the coastal mangrove ecosystem that has the ability to sequester 5 times as much CO2 as other forests. 
Water & Art – 17-minute documentary film
This film documents an interview conducted while paddling along the rivers once observed by the painter Monet. It reminds us of the importance of being open and attentive when looking at and thinking about the living world, and is part of the omnipresent cultural and artistic approach to ecology at Watertrek. This film is especially adapted to those who would like to develop a creative project to bring awareness to the protection of water.