Screening debate - 3h

From a selection of films presenting a strong environmental plot, we'll discuss the issues that affect aquatic ecosystems.

Eco-paddle session & aquatic litter collection - 2h to 3h

Nothing better to increase awareness than experiencing for yourself the vulnerability of our aquatic ecosystems...In partnership with local paddle clubs, a SUP session supervised by a Watertrek eco-animator helps to raise awareness of the very real threats posed to our waterways.

Possible collection and mapping of floating waste.

An organised litter pick-up on the coast or on the banks of the river - 2 to 3 hours

In order to measure the impact and the volume of waste entering aquatic ecosystems, participants are required to collect, count and map the litter present near the water.

Piano/voice musical show - 1 hour

In this intimate and poetic musical show, actress Séverine reminds us why water is important in our personal lives and why we need to take care of it.

An outside challenge for 2 to 4 teams, adults/kids - 2h

Waterquizz combines physical challenges and quizzes questioning our knowledge of everything environmental in an attempt to spread more connection to nature and develop our expertise in a very playful manner.

A musical tale for kids under 6 - 45’

Lala is a stand-up paddler. She joins us with her paddle and her ukulele to tell us the story of her friend Valéine…and share with us the values necessary to protect our planet: empathy and connection. 

For children 6 to 10 - 1h30

Lala is an adventurous stand-up paddler. She has encountered some bad villains on her way and goes to elementary schools to ask children for help and fight Plasticus, Carbonus & Toxicus. This presentation can be followed by a walk by the water to collect and sort waste.

For teenagers 10 to 20 - 2h30

Stand-up paddler and Watertrek founder Severine shares with us her adventures around the world, raising awareness on everything she was able to observe while on the water: plastic pollution, climate change and water toxics.