Published on June 1 2012

First paddle strokes for Watertrek in Guadeloupe

May 2012, Guadeloupe: that's where I shot the first Watertrek images in the lagoon of Le Vauclin, using a camera paluche screwed onto a paddle whose pal was also screwed to an old kitesurf harness. Where did this idea of making films and telling stories from a SUP come from? Let’s say it has to do with my adventurous spirit: I was just done with a documentary series called « Treks in Africa » that I had both directed and hosted on behalf of the Travel TV Channel Escales. I found this idea of Watertrek at the exact moment when I stepped on a paddle board for the first time. That was in the small village of Carro, on the Mediterranean coast, where I had met a member of the kayak club. Once rid of the initial fear related to being unbalanced, I stood up and took the measure of everything around and below me: a feeling of freedom and a unique vision. I immediately thought I had to do «The Treks »  walking on water now! Not only does SUP allow you to sneak into inaccessible places, but it offers an endless variety of views. Watertrek was born, eager to reconnect people to nature & explores aquatic environments of all types, standing on water. Welcome aboard!

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