contreplongée sur Séverine en paddle
Published on September 26 2014

Paddling in the Calanques with photographer Stef.Candé

East of Marseille: here is the location we’ve picked up for our next photo shoot with photographer Stef Cande, who had already done some amazing images for Watertrek along the blue coast. If the Calanques in the east of Marseille are more popular and visited than those west, they remain spectacular and authentic. The calanque of Morgiou and the Beak of the Eagle in La Ciotat are showing on the following pictures.

I love Morgiou, it does gather the beauty and the opacity that I like about the city of Marseille. It is a traditional fisherman port cut out from the rest of the world, it is a village of  rustic « cabanons » where families gather, it is a secret spots for gangsters to meet.

Needless to say that SUP is the perfect way to explore the Mediterranean fjords and evolve in what is now the National Park of Calanques, a magical place with great views which is now protected from too much tourism. It is a paradise for those who like hiking & paddling. So go and discover the exceptional natural patrimony.To all my paddlers friends: access to the calanques are mostly closed during high season & week-ends. You might have to park far up & bring your boards down the hills walking.

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