DERM Pascale
Publié le November 26 2021

Pascale D'Erm becomes Watertrek's Matron

"This is a beautiful story. Two years ago, in the parisian subway, a young woman sitting in front of me is reading my book Sister in Ecology. Her name is Severine Vasselin. She is an actress committed to the protection of the Ocean, an activist founder of Watertrek, an NGO that conducts field actions to clean and raise awareness, and an athletic girl in love with water. In short, she’s an eco-feminist from the field, as I like them. Since then, we have developed a friendship in our busy agendas, and I have agreed to be the Matron of her NGO. I feel like we’re on the same artistic line. And I am pleased to be the first guest of this podcast that aims to explore our sensitive bonds with natural elements, water in particular. In this first episode, I address my emotional connections to water, as well as ecofeminism and female role models engaged in marine conservation, or examples of blue therapies. Next guest will be Guillaume Barucq, the general practitioner in Biarritz who practices surftherapy. A podcast to support to federate all those sensitive and dynamic entrepreneurs through which sport, art, communication, science and emotions can finally exchange together again! Thank you Séverine for your precious commitment."

It is a double joy for Watertrek to announce that the author and director Pascale D'Erm is now the Matron of our structure, and the first guest of our French podcast collection Waterchat. We warmly thank her for this introduction and her enthusiastic support for this brand new project and format. Waterchat will broadcast a new episode each month in French, before the introduction of an English-speaking counterpart.

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