Published on July 9 2017

Swim or sink: Plastic Ocean returns in Paddington

The Plastic Ocean Festival has been running for a few weeks now and invites you to join for an entire day of events in Paddington, on July 18th. The Festival aims to promote public awareness and understand of the damaging effects of plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans, encouraging individual and group action to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic.

POF is organised by the London based watersports group, Active 360, the NGO’s Watertrek and the Plastic Oceans Foundation (UK), as well as scientists at Brunel University London. Throughout the day there will be free, open air screenings of documentary films focused around ocean conservation including 'A Plastic Ocean' running from 6pm-7:40pm followed by Q&A with some of the team. Get hands on and learn more about plastic pollution in our waterways in one of our free Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) clean-up sessions. Those “Paddle and pick” sessions give our paddlerboarders the chance to contribute to the cleaning up of our waterways and get them involved in some citizen science by helping us categorise all the litter we collect to determine what the top offenders are. 

Following films will be screened:

North of the Sun (45 mins)

A story about following the dream. Two Norwegians spent the cold winter on an isolated, uninhabited bay of an Arctic island facing nothing but the vast Atlantic Ocean and living in a cabin that they built from driftwood and the marine litter washed up there. They brought with them to items of the utmost importance: their surfboards. Because the remote bay holds a well-kept secret: some of the world’s finest surfing waves.

Trailer here:

Sky News’s A Plastic Whale (46 mins)

The report, part of Sky News’s Ocean Rescue initiative, follows the story of a Cuvier’s beaked whale that stranded near Bergen, Norway, which was found to contain 30 large pieces of plastic inside its stomach. The report investigates the problem of marine plastics and the threat it poses to these iconic animals, how communities have responded to their Plastic Whale and whether this sad case can help us find a solution.

Trailer here:

Headliner: A Plastic Ocean (99 mins)

It has been described by Sir David Attenborough as "one of the most important films of our time". A Plastic Ocean is a global adventure following a filmmaker and world record free-diver as they travel the Earth discovering the shocking impact that our unsustainable consumption of plastic is having on our oceans and wildlife. Their journey leads them through waste dumps, deep seas and remote islands to make unusual discoveries, reveal shocking truths and discussing important solutions to one of the biggest problems confronting mankind.

Trailer here:

Join us on 18th July at Merchant Square Paddington on the canalside:

Open air film screenings:

12:15-13:00 North of the Sun

16:00-16:45 A Plastic Whale (Sky News)

18:00-19:40 Headline: A Plastic Ocean followed by Q&A

No bookings are needed for the film screening - just turn up!

SUP Paddle & Pick Sessions:

12:00-13:30 Paddle & Pick

16:00-17:30 Paddle & Pick

20:00-21:00 Paddle & Pick - evening session

Limited places for the free Paddle & Pick: book your place on Eventbrite

More about the Festival:

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