la côte bleue
Published on September 10 2014

The French Blue Coast by photographer Stef. Candé

Stef Cande is a photographer known for his surprising pictures of extreme sports and action - mountain bike, skiing, surfing. Surprisingly enough, he shot some great SUP images for us, offering us amazing material to communicate.

We agreed to go and shoot on the blue coast. Located west of Marseille, the Cote Bleue spreads against the mountain chain of Estaque and hides a series of small picturesque ports that remain pretty secret. It is the country of French filmmaker Robert Guédigian, who depicts those popular atmopshere in his movies. It is also the place where French writer Blaise Cendras wrote « L’Homme foudroyé », describing  his retirement there as one of the greatest time in his life.

The railway line - one of the most beautiful in France - offers spectacular points of view on the Marseille bay. Opportunities to hike or climb are numerous. Nature is unspoilt. From the wagons, you will overlooks amazing landscapes and unaccessible ports … use your paddle board to reach them! You can evolve paddling between Niolon, La Veysse, Petit and Grand Mejean and the incredible Ensuès-la-Redonne. The following pictures will say more about the beauty of the location than any word…

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