Watertrek aims to popularize environmental issues in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible. It is important for us to be creative and develop original tools that can move and reach a wide audience.

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Watertrek invites paddlers and water sports practitioners to contribute to the protection of aquatic environments by developing participatory science tools usable by everyone.

Whether it is the observation and collection of macro-wastes (Paddle & Pick), the replanting of the mangrove (Paddle & Plant) or the study of microplastics in the river (Paddle & Purify), you will find all the details of our scientific kits very soon here, and will be able to organize your own initiatives and data collection.



Watertrek represents water sports practitioners within institutional, associative and scientific networks and develops partnerships & synergies between these sectors. It influences the social debate by participating in the drafting of laws. She supports companies and communities with specific advice towards respectful behaviors of oceans and rivers.

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