Watertrek is a French-British non-profit association invested in the protection of aquatic ecosystems. It offers an original, playful and physical approach of environmental education andparticipative science based, on the practice of the stand-up paddle boarding.

Through its contents, initiatives and partnerships, Watertrek wishesto reconnect man to water in an attempt to raise awareness of the essential need forits conservation. Access to nautical activities is a great step towards creating a better awareness. Standing on the water, man experiences a strong connection between his body and his environment – source of life and self-fulfillment – and can consider “protecting what he loves ” (JacquesCousteau).

The association – created by ActressSeverineVasselin in 2013 – is structured around a network of local chapters in Europe. It federates sport clubs, researchers, partners and the general public around a common vision. Itsprograms of action include Plastic Pollution (Paddle&Pick), Climate Change (Paddle&Plant) and Water Quality (Paddle&Purify).

By building bridges between sustainable and personal developmentwhilst on the water, Watertrek wishes to awaken bodies and consciousness on the essential need to take better care of our planet and ourselves.




Watertrek aims to connect experts with the public and to make environmental concerns understandablefor all. Through itsaudiovisual productions, articles and social networks, itstrives to raise awareness and to educate as many people as possible to the real issues at stake ...


Because nothing is better than a real-life experience, the heart of our work is about reconnecting man to water and inciting each of us to participate in our events on the field. Through introduction sessions to SUP, beach and foreshore clean-ups on SUP boards, Waterklass for schools ...


Watertrek is eager to gather a valuable community around shared intentions. To achieve this, the association develops numerous partnerships with structures sharing same ambitions. It accompanies adventurers, project leaders and event planners by supplying ...




Every year, 10 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans. In 80 % of cases in Europe, this waste comes from human activity on the ground and carried away by streams. Macro-waste turns into microplastics under the effect of light ...


Climate Change

The water zones on the blue planet play a fundamental role regulating the temperature of the globe and this is now compromised by global warming. Increase of the sea levels, fixation of the coast, recycling of the carbon ...


Water Quality

Muds, oil spills, chemical contaminations…there are numerous dangers threatening the quality of our streams, lakes or seas, which has a direct impact on our health. The access to drinking water is a basic right ...


There are various ways to join Watertrek and to take part in protecting our aquatic environments.



“In some ways my life won’t return to ‘normal’ after Noli as my mind is more focused on doing the right things.” How is that for an encouraging …

Février 2017, nos Ambassadeurs Watertrek UK Melanie & Paul se sont rendus au Myanmar afin d’y explorer la mangrove et voir comment Watertrek pourrait s’impliquer dans la protection …

The Plastic Ocean Festival has been running for a few weeks now and invites you to join for an entire day of events in Paddington, on July …


Would you wish to support us financially, Watertrek accepts your donations both in Euros and pounds here.


Watertrek is directed, managed and powered by passionate volunteers who put their energy into the conservation of nature.

  • s.vasselin@watertrek.org

    Séverine Vasselin
    Creator of Watertrek Foundation - Main Coordination
  • e.leberder@watertrek.org

    Eric Le Berder
    Graphic Designer
  • m.joe@watertrek.org

    Mélanie Joe
    Project Manager Watertrek London
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