Published on May 26, 2019

SUP Expedition from Saint-Remy-sur-Orne to Louvigny for Mathieu and Anthony

Our 2 Watertrekers Mathieu & Anthony have decided to go for a one-day paddle down a portion of the Orne (a coastal river in Normandy), leading from its rural environment into a larger city. The aim was to identify the possible presence of plastic, and learn more about the physicochemical qualities of its waters.

The starting point for this adventure was set at La Lie, in Saint Rémy sur Orne. a brewery specifically known for its utmost concern for the environmental impact in the production of craft beer. The final stage of the trip would see our team arriving in Louvigny, where the festival Eco-responsable took place over the weekend.

This SUP-trek was meant to be a link between various economic agents and water sports practitioners all concerned by the issue. It was the opportunity to raise the awareness of the public on water conservation as well as that to highlight existing virtuous practices.

Little plastic waste was encountered - it was more scrap metal that our paddlers observed on this leg of the river, in all likelihood linked to the industrial past of the Orne. The conclusions of the sampling results and analysis of the waters of the Orne indicate that this body of water has an average ecological condition. High nitrate levels are likely to be caused by leaching of fertilizer, sewage discharge and livestock spills.

Beyond the physical effort - 9 hours of paddling! -  ndl the time devoted to water sampling and analysis, our watertrekkers were able to enjoy an exceptional spring scenery on an unique and relatively unknown river.

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