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Published on September 23, 2019

Our Facebook Live Shows during lockdown

Due to lockdown, Watertrek is launching a series of Facebook live conferences to address environmental issues in times of quarantine. Those lives hosted by our Science & Education Expert Emmanuelle are only offered in French for now, but we're hoping to have them in English soon as well.

Our program:

  • Friday, 3rdApril 2020: “Is nature really benefiting from lockdown?”
  •  Friday, 10th April 2020: “How do wipes threaten our ecosystems?
  • Friday, 17th April 2020: “What is the impact of lockdown on waste?”
  • Wednesday, 22nd April2020, for Earth Day: “How does our diet impact the environment?”, in partnership with Starboard
  • Wednesday, 29nd April 2020: “Is purifying our streets safe for aquatic ecosystems?”
  • Wednesday, 6th May 2020: “How does our carbon footprint evolve while we’re working from home?” in partnership with Carbone 4

Join us here Watertrek Facebook. 


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