Publié le September 3 2021

Watertrek presents its podcast Waterchat

The health crisis has forced us to brainstorm on new ways to raise awareness about protecting nature while locked in our houses…That’s how the podcast Waterchat was born, somewhere on a kitchen table.

How does nature shapes our lives, our professional choices, our decisions, our careers? How does it inspire us? Through a series of 40 minute conversations led by Séverine, Waterchat proposes to wander through the experiences and feelings of inspiring personalities and to question our connection - reliance - to nature, to our body and to our environment, enriching our vision with these intimate and singular testimonies, presenting a plurality of commitments and actions and listening to those who work hard to protect it.

Waterchat will be available in French on all dedicated platforms each month starting September 1, 2021, and soon in English.

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