Publié le January 3 2022

Descent of the River AA between Remilly and Setques for Stéphane's northern crew

3 stand-up paddle boards, 5 hours of paddling along the Aa river between Remilly Werquin and Setques in the north of France… that means 50 kg of waste collected. The objective of our Nordic crew was simple: to discover the river and collect as much waste as possible along those 9 kilometers. 
“We chose to go for a short trip because of the cold temperatures. This unknown route requires to be cautious.” shares Stéphane.

« This small descent is very eventful. The river is narrow and though it looks quiet, it’s been raining a lot and the current is rather strong. We are enjoying a peaceful and captivating stroll, away from any human agitation, though signs of invasive urbanization sometimes show up. Our harvest - plastics, bottles, tires, balloons, polystyrene etc. - is jeopardized by small dams and about to fall overboard. We will need to rethink the way we store waste on our boards.
The river AA meanders across the Regional Park of the Caps and Marais d'Opale. Our gaze is stimulated at every
turn or grove. Gliding on our SUP is an amazing collective shared experience in such surroundings. More than ever, this mini-exploration further engages our reflection on the ecological state of our planet.”

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