paddles sur le Sognefjord
Published on July 8 2018

Sognefjord Expedition

Some destinations are particularly well adapted to paddling, and Norway is definitely one of them. Suping along the fjords is a magical experience and being hosted by Titus from SUP Norway also plays a great role in an incredible experience.

Severine our founder was lucky enough to be invited to join and host an eco-expedition along the Sognefjord, three days departing from Gudvangen, in the heart of Viking land to discover the wonder of Norwegian nature. The expedition was the occasion for Watertrek to try their brand new manta trawl meant to study microplastics, designed and kindly sent over from California by our partners at Plastic Tides. Not that we were expecting to find microplastics in such pure water – the weather conditions were amazing between that May 25-28th, 2018, offering the most magical show in the form of huge waterfalls and freshwater melting all around. Fortunately they were no plastic waste to be found in those streams. Fjords were a perfect playground though to test our net without meeting to much currents or waves.

Needless to say fjord water was– only Titus would feel comfortable bathing in it – but so pure it offered us the perfect opportunity to record a message to our dear friend Nestlé CEO of Peter Brabeck. As we were filling out our bottles with cristal pure water, we thought it was important to remember him that water is a common good and that nobody should be entitled to take ownership of it, bottled it in endless plastic bottles and sell it 1000 its value.

Waking up to the sound of a sheep waving his bell to your tent window is somehow surprising, almost as much as Titus serving us a typical nordic breakfast out of the blue in the most spectaclar scenary : shrimps, local caviar, nordic bread under the rising sun.

Care for an authentic supping experience : we can not recommend the destination and our loving partner Titus more, this is all sup is truly about : nature, beauty, respect, wilderness and sharing.

Care to know about Watertrek’s endeavour to filter water and study microplastics : we will be adapting our device and doing new filtering attemps in our next expedition, stay tuned for new expeditions.

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