Raising awareness, educating and acting to protect aquatic environments

Séverine Vasselin in Norway

“I am deeply convinced that the current ecological state of our planet is the result of a profound androcentric alteration and manipulation of our relationship to nature, typical of the Anthropocene. This was the impetus for my desire to explore new ways of considering this connection to nature - reliance - by combining storytelling, the imagination, physical experience, and adventure. This is the heart of Watertrek.”

Séverine Vasselin, Actress & Environmentalist – Founder of Watertrek


Watertrek is an awareness-raising association dedicated to the protection of aquatic ecosystems threatened by plastic pollution, global warming, and toxic chemicals.

An actress with degrees in Foreign Languages and Cinema, Séverine hopes to increase global awareness and make this particular body of knowledge accessible by developing motivating stories and creative audiovisual content and by proposing citizen sport initiatives designed to promote our connection to nature.

Creativity and movement are the driving forces within Watertrek, inspiring people to shift their perspective and take action.

“Watertrek invites us to ‘go with the flow,’ to let ourselves fall in love with water again while actively engaging with it –riverbanks, beaches, the high seas… A heart-body-mind involvement in the fluidity of the feminine energy of water imparted by its founder.”
Pascale d’Erm,
Environmental author and journalist


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Water is the element most present in the world around us. It connects us all, yet each of us has a very personal relationship with it. To explore the richness of these perspectives, we're launching Waterchat – a podcast hosted by Watertrek’s founder, actress Séverine Vasselin. This interview series will present the many ways we relate to aquatic environments, to nature in general, to our bodies, and to our surroundings. It also aims to give voice to a wide range of initiatives and actions related to the environment, and to hear from those who work to protect it. 

Waterchat invites you to discover the experiences and perceptions of inspiring people, and to re-imagine, with them, our relationship to the elements.
Severine Vasselin Fondatrice Watertrek


Stand-up paddling is an amazing tool reconnect to with nature, it’s a great way to discover surprising locations from a unique point of view - standing on the water. It is a perfect way to explore. Watertrek has decided to use the sport of Stand-up Paddling to collect environmental data and map out the reality of the threats that weigh on our aquatic ecosystems. Whether it be plastic pollution, global warming or toxic chemicals : discover the Paddle & Protect project.


Paddling in Venice

Venice town could definitely be a paradise for paddlers. It is the perfect city for lovers of water, lovers of […]

Paddling down the Ardèche River

Ardèche is probably one the most beautiful and wild region of France. So when Harald from JP Australia, and a […]

Paddling in Amsterdam

Dans le port d’Amsterdam, il y a des marins qui chantent...Times have changed since Jacques Brel sang this song describing the […]

London Paddle & Pick Campaign

In April this year London was the scene for the launch of the first Paddle & Pick campaign which aims […]
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To protect aquatic ecosystems, it’s important to reduce


Watertrek has developed conferences & storytelling for different audiences to talk about the necessity to protect water in a constructive and playful way. These animations are performed by our founder actress Séverine Vasselin in exchange for a donation. For now they focus mainly on French but we’re hoping to be able to offer them in English as well. Get in touch for more details at contact @

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Séverine invited to speak at Ecogames Paris Opening Conference - World Evt Day

Séverine took the floor during the inaugural Ecogames Paris 2018 conference organized  on June 5th by Didier Lehenaff in the […]

Meeting Romanian paddlers and activists

Watertrek was officially hosted for 3 days in Romania by a delegation of stand-up paddlers determined to promote their practice […]

Launch of our interactive kids show "Cruising the Anthropo(S)cene"

Watertrek is very pleased to present its first sensitization initiative in the form of a show, an interactive and playful […]

Watertrek joins the International Conference Ocean Literacy for 4

On the initiative of Francesca Santoro - Head of the UNESCO Regional Office in Venice - Watertrek was invited in […]
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